BiTech "Premium Super Glossy Photo Paper" had been coated by high quality, premium materials and three layers micro-porous Resin Coated (RC). It can be used with all kind of inks such as Dye and Pigment. The group of "Premium Glossy Photo Papers" is great for professionals who enjoy printing on heavy and shiny photo papers. The water resistance paper gives an incredible wide gamut of colors, excellent image quality, long lasting colors and is great for high quality printing. It is also excellent for printing Identification photos, framing and albums. This pack is designed for customers who need to print medium sizes photos by desktop photo printers and this European size is suitable for framing, making catalogs which contain images, and photo albums. To learn more about quantity per pack and other available sizes please check the other products in the group of " Premium Glossy Photo Paper".
Item :267011401
  • Manufacturer:Bitech
  • Manufacturer's Product Number:27011401
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